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Dallas Wedding Trends: Are brides choosing Full Glams or Natural looks? from a Dallas Makeup Artist point of view

bride posing with her wedding dress

As a professional makeup artist in Dallas, I have noticed that brides nowadays are more comfortable choosing the makeup look that they feel most comfortable with. This is a great change from the past, when brides felt pressure to conform to traditional bridal makeup looks.

One trend that has contributed to this change is the rise of "clean girl" makeup. This trend emphasizes natural-looking makeup that enhances the bride's features without looking too overdone. This has allowed brides to feel comfortable going for a more natural look without feeling judged. In my experience, many brides are now opting for a clean, fresh-faced look on their wedding day. They want to look like the best version of themselves, rather than a heavily made-up version of themselves.

Of course, there are still some brides who prefer a Full Glam look, and that's perfectly fine too. I want to emphasize that while natural looks are on the rise, we still love doing full glams or dramatic looks too! It's important to remember that each bride is unique and has her own personal style. If a bride wears makeup every day, she may want something a little more out there when it comes to her wedding day makeup.

As a makeup artist, it's my job to listen to my clients' preferences and help them achieve the look they want. I always encourage my brides to choose a makeup look that they feel comfortable with and that reflects their personal style. After all, the most important thing is for the bride to feel confident and beautiful on her special day.

Overall, I believe that the rise of clean girl makeup has been a positive trend for the bridal industry. It has allowed brides to feel comfortable choosing a makeup look that reflects their personal style, rather than feeling pressured to conform to traditional bridal makeup looks that might photograph beautifully but she won't be happy. As a makeup artist, I am thrilled to see my clients feeling more confident and empowered than ever before.

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